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Aschmunadai englische Ausgabe
Codename Erdmännchen

Aschmunadai – The Awakening

Von Michael Mende & Sabine Veit

Novel: Urban Fantasy / Mystery from the Outback in Australia

Nishka slowly sank to the ground in front of the grave, placed her palms on the hot earth and closed her eyes. Deep within herself, she retreated into her soul. The desert wind and shining sun faded from her senses. Through her hands, she sent part of herself into the earth, feeling grass, roots, beetles, earth, then rock, and finally wood. She had reached it! She now opened her inner senses wide and listened. But she could hear nothing – Kerrie was not here. What had happened to her?

Nishka Berger’s career as a surgeon ends in the smoking wreckage of a passenger airliner. When she opens her eyes in a hospital on an Australian military base, her identity is erased. In the mirror, a graft meets her gaze. Strange thoughts and newfound mystical abilities drive her mad.

The blind Deubler the base commander, offers her to train her – both militarily and ethically. He does not have much time left before Aschmunadai awakes again. Soon Nishka realizes that her family has gotten caught up in a struggle between ancient powers. Between these two almost insurmountable adversaries, she must find a way for herself and for humanity.